My “Resume Workshop for Designers & Developers” is a presentation aimed at those looking to improve their chances of getting their foot in the door at a new job. Whether they are a designer or developer, or any other profession, this interactive workshop helps the audience understand what a resume’s purpose is, how to frame it, how to tailor it, and how to style it. I also cover what a CV is and how to use LinkedIn as a digital CV that can then be utilized to create a resume quickly. The live workshop presents a live panel of 2-4 local businesses and career consulting specialists, who give additional information and their opinions on each section.

As of September, 2019, I have presented this workshop three times: live on Twitch without a panel, live at Nashville freeCodeCamp’s monthly meetup, and live at the 2019 MusicCityTech conference. If you are interested in having me present this presentation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with CFP information.