UMC Newsletter Subscription Sign-Up Process

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UMC Newsletter Subscription Sign-Up Process

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Project Summary

May, 2019 – United Methodist Communications – UX Case Study & UI Design

I was tasked to improve the usability of the newsletter subscription process of UMC’s newsletter. I utilized individual user interviews and testing that included recordings of their reactions and interactions to target areas of improvement. I also interviewed the primary stakeholders to insure the user experience aligned with the business goals for the newsletter. One of the challenges I faced was finding users, that specifically aligned with the type of persona that would use this newsletter, in a short amount of time. I ultimately chose personas that were lateral to the persona – the persona being an active Methodist church leader, and the lateral user being a dedicated Christian in a member-leadership position within his church. The mockup-prototype I created was approved and seen as a vast improvement compared to the existing process.