Single Page Build: School of Rock Music Education

Single Page Build: School of Rock Music Education

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Project Goal

October, 2017 — I was tasked with migrating the site from the Post template to a Page template and then designing the page to match the rest of the site.

My Role

My primary role was as the front end developer and web designer. My secondary role was graphic designer.

Project Details

I was provided with the original content and media for the page. I based it off of the other previously pages, specifically modeling after the “What Franchisees Are Saying” page. Using the Divi Builder Visual Editor, I designed the page directly on the live site as a previewable draft for the project manager to review. I did some light photoshopping of the Paralax image in the third row to allow the text to show up. This page did not require any custom coding or editing of any templates. Lastly, I replaced the links in the menus to point to the page rather than the post; using a 301 redirect to point the post url to the page url. Overall an easy project that took a few hours to build.

Skills and tools I used to complete this project are as follows: Elegant Theme’s Divi 3 and Divi Builder, Adobe Photoshop, web design, content management



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October 19, 2017