PSD to Website: Money Mailer Franchise

PSD to Website: Money Mailer Franchise

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Project Goal

August, 2017 — This is a prime example of what we do at FPG Digital — we set up websites that generate authentic leads. This particular client needed a complete revamp of their site without losing their existing SEO.

My Role

Primarily, I was the front end developer, taking the site from a one-page PSD to fully launched website. I also played the roles of web designer and graphic designer when consulted by the project managers.

Project Details

I was provided with one PSD detailing the layout of the home page and four weeks of development time to complete the project. The site would be built by FPG then it would be managed and maintained by the company after launch. With client management in mind, I designed the infrastructure to be easy to modify and navigate by using WordPress as the CMS, Divi 3 as the parent theme and creating a custom child theme specifically for their site.

The custom child theme included not only the base files, style.css and functions.php, but new header.php templates as well as other category, page and post templates. For example, one page template was specifically designed to make it easy for the client to add new Research pages (their primary use for page type templates) without the hassle of using a builder. Divi Builder was incorporated into the site as well. It was used to build the pages that would change the least, among them being the Home page, Request Information page, and News & Blog page (not post template).

I built this site on a remote self-hosted WordPress installation and migrated the site to WPEngine for launch without any problems. Initially the client wanted us to migrate the site to a company-owned server, however there were complications in the server-side setup that I helped to troubleshoot but due to time constraints and deadlines, we resorted to migrate the install to WPEngine.

After launch, I was tasked with giving a short tutorial on how to work with WordPress and make basic modifications within their site. This took approximately 1.5 hours including technical difficulties with screen sharing technology, and overall the client felt confident that they could manage the site on their own.

Skills and tools I used to complete this project are as follows: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WPEngine (managed hosting), cPanel, remote development environment (self-hosted), DreamHost, FTPS/FTP, FileZilla, Atom text editor,  full site migration, extension communication techniques, customer service, virtual training

Skills I gained during this project: Server-side Terminal, LAMP setup and troubleshooting, mySQL setup and troubleshooting using Terminal




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October 19, 2017