Freeland Chevrolet Español

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Project Summary

December, 2019 – January, 2020

Freeland Chevrolet Español is a MediaTree Advertising project I was involved with as a LAMP stack developer. I was tasked with creating, designing and deploying this WordPress site on DigitalOcean in addition to insuring the Spanish user experience was above par in comparison to the average Spanish automotive sites. To highlight a few challenges I faced, I needed to find a way to translate WordPress core elements without changing core php files, modify a csv on the server level, and create a way that the automotive-specific theme would work with the type of data we had. I learned more about domain name management, GoDaddy limitations and benefits, cron jobs using CPanel and the CLI, and WooCommerce limitations and benefits. Most importantly, this project reinforced the fact that you should get a hold of the data first then determine what framework you want to use to manipulate it – not the other way around.

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